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China has become the world's largest producer of synthetic fibers

Business News Agency September 1st hearing, according to FiberOrganon's latest statistics show that in 2009, despite the impact of the global financial crisis, the world's total output of various types of fiber compared with 2008, a slight decline of 1%, still amounted to 69 million 611 thousand tons. Among them, man-made fiber (or chemical fiber) amounted to 46 million 255 thousand tons, an increase of 1.5%; natural fiber amounted to 23 million 356 thousand tons, down 5.7%. The proportion of man-made fiber and natural fiber in total fiber production was 66.4% and 33.6% respectively.
Artificial fiber, more than 80% of synthetic fiber, which is mainly polyester fiber, production amounted to 31 million 937 thousand tons, accounting for 70% of man-made fiber output, the total output of various types of fiber in the world has reached 45%.
The largest source of synthetic fiber in the world is China's mainland, reaching 23 million 130 thousand tons. Compared with 2008 growth of 6.7%, accounting for 61.2% of the total output of world synthetic fiber; second and 11.6% year-on-year growth in India, accounted for 7.9%, mainly from the United States and Japan each other is reduced by 15.4% and 26.1%, the proportion declined China; Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and other smaller decline, the proportion rose. The data reflect that the world's Centre for synthetic fiber production is moving from advanced economies such as the United States, Europe and Japan to mainland China, India and other emerging regions in asia.