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Home textile industry to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment

Just past 2014, Keqiao warp knitting home textile industry has entered a new period of development opportunities. First of all, the industry presents a new macroeconomic normal, demand more diverse. Secondly, the rapid development of the Internet, especially the emergence of electricity providers, to speed up the industry's structural adjustment.
Open outlet shop
From selling curtain cloth to selling curtains
Located in Yang Xun town of Zhejiang Hua Xinming home textile company, recently in Xiaoshan Ruby Plaza opened a finished curtain straight shop.
In the past, the home textile enterprise market sales are mostly curtains cloth, cloth processing into curtains, is a processing shop or custom shop. As my area of warp knitted textile enterprises, "Huaxin Textile" as early as 1 years ago in Hangzhou Wulin business circle, opened its first flagship store finished curtains, curtains products directly from manufacturers production sold to customers, "test the water" brand development road.
Subsequently, the "Hua Hin home textile" in Shanghai, Linping, Xiaoshan and other places opened the curtain finished flagship store, business is booming. At present, "Hua Hin home textile" products throughout the country has more than 1000 dealers, 4 "Hua Hin home textile" finished curtain shop, brand effect is obvious, the company's sales performance has increased year by year.
Over the past two years, with the weakening of international demand, relying on exports is no longer the only way for our warp knitting home textile enterprises. To this end, a number of strength type enterprises have chosen to develop their own brands, to open up the domestic market. Our region has emerged "cicada textile", "Legend of textile" and a number of famous brand.
Tmall curtain flagship store
Keqiao enterprises accounted for 1/5
"No matter how small the order is, we can make it for you."." This is the "Yijiaren" founder Tang Haijun commitment to customers. "Yijiaren" is the earlier start curtain screens in the domestic network operators, network operators in the curtain screens has no small reputation. Tang Haijun said, "for Yijiaren" brand recognition, their company has a group of loyal customers in the network. Next week, the customer is able to receive the goods, a small market rapid response, which makes "Yijiaren" sales growth last year was.
With the rapid development of the Internet, the electricity supplier sales model has become an effective way for the development of Keqiao warp knitting enterprises, and the emergence of a "m", "love it", "good language", "famous celebrity" Tmall mall ranked in the top 20 Keqiao curtain screens network. Reporters learned from the Keqiao District Bureau of Commerce, Keqiao currently has curtains, window screens, Tmall flagship store more than 60, accounting for about 1/5 of the total number of flagship store platform.
Product innovation
Lace fabric has become an enterprise profit growth point
A white lace by staining, showing a double color effect, known as "double color lace". This is an innovation of lace fabric, developed and produced by Wynn warp knitting Limited by Share Ltd. Once it was introduced, it was widely favored by domestic and foreign garment enterprises. "This lace price is more than 70% higher than regular products, but it is still very popular with customers both at home and abroad." Deputy general manager Fu Jiancai said, last year, the company constantly develop new products, develop new markets, achieve upgrading.
It is understood that the Yongli company in 2012 invested 4489 yuan from Germany import advanced warp knitting machine, entered the lace production, half of the country now the company's products accounted for the production capacity of lace. However, in a big investment at the same time, Yongli company focused on independent research and development of lace fabric, have organized a R & D team from weaving to pattern design, now only a month will remain at 200 lace pattern on. "Lace profit margins are higher than other warp knitting products."." Fu Jiancai revealed that although the capacity accounted for half, but lace profits accounted for more than 70% of corporate profits.
Yang xunqiao knitting Association relevant responsible person said that the past two years, Yang xunqiao warp knitting enterprises actively innovative products, and even investment purchase equipment, transformation and development and production of lace fabric in warp knitting textile products, and open up a new world of good market.