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Textile enterprises must note the new EU ban

Quanzhou evening news (reporter Wen Wenqing) reporter learned from the industry, recently, the drafting of a REACH regulations amendment to ban the nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEO) content of more than 0.01% textile sales in the EU market, the draft is expected this year, the period is 60 months.

It is understood that NPEO is now widely used in various industries of detergents, emulsifiers and surfactants. In some non EU countries, NPEO is used as a detergent in the washing process and as a dyeing aid in the dyeing process. Studies have shown that NPEO is toxic and carcinogenic to mammals and aquatic organisms, while NPEO has a similar estrogen effect and is harmful to normal hormone secretion in humans.

The amendment stipulates that NPEO content in textiles shall not exceed 0.01% (100 mg/kg), and textiles are defined as products with a fibre content of more than 80% (weight ratio), which is consistent with the EU textile labeling requirements.

Industry warned that enterprises should pay close attention to the progress of the NPEO ban, understand the specific content of the ban, and take the initiative to develop detailed response strategies. Regulations in the transition period, to improve production technology, do the research and development of NPEO substitute products, improve the level of cleaner production enterprises to strengthen quality control, quality and production process of raw materials procurement, to ensure the quality of export products meet the importing country's laws and regulations and contract requirements.